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Early October 2013

Unfortunately due to being too busy during the summer I’ve just never managed to get going with this blog. Instead I have gone back to doing what I was doing last year and publishing my moth trapping highlights on my Hull Valley Blog. However it’s a wet miserable Saturday following on from an period at the start of October of good trapping so I thought I’d revive my moth blog, likely for the last time this year [unless we get another warm period in the next for weeks?]. After a cold period in the latter part of September we had a mild beginning to October, coinciding with the start of my holiday so being able to trap daily, which brought an increase in moths numbers as well as a few interesting new moths for the year. In fact I only got two lifers, Beaded Chestnut and Spruce Carpet, and none of the interesting species seen in other parts of the country but it was still a good end to what is likely my last trapping of the years.

3/10 Overnight on Thursday brought the first two Red-green Carpets of the year although I’d seen a few roosting around Cottingham in recent days.


Red-green Carpet


Light Brown Apple Moth x 4

Ypsolopha sequella x 2


Ypsolopha sequella

Common Marbled Carpet x 2


Two forms of Common Marbled Carpet 

Garden Carpet


Garden Carpet

Lesser Yellow Underwing


Lesser Yellow Underwing

Silver Y


Silver Y

Large Yellow Underwing


Large Yellow Underwing

Also a Hawthorn Shield Bug


Hawthorn Shield Bug

5/10 Over night on Saturday produced 2 new moths for the garden, a Beaded Chestnut and a Spruce Carpet.


Beaded Chestnut-unfortunately just about to depart.


Spruce Carpet

Also Light Brown Apple Moth x 7

Common Marbled Carpet x 2

Acleris  sparsana x 3

Large Yellow Underwing x 2

Also a Red Ophion


Red Ophion

6/10 Over night on Sunday produced the 1st Green-brindled Crescent and 2nd Shuttle-shaped Dart for the year.


Green-brindled Crescent DSCN0254

Shuttle-shaped Dart


Large Yellow Underwing

Red-green Carpet

Common Marbled Carpet x 2


Common Marbled Carpet

Light Brown Apple Moth x 2

Acleris  sparsana

Silver Y

7/10 Monday night brought the 1st two Blair’s Shoulder-knots of the year.


Blair’s Shoulder-knot


Light Brown Apple Moth 5

Acleris  sparsana 2

Common Marbled Carpet

8/10 Tuesday night’s highlight was the 1st Angle Shades this year.


Angle Shades


Light Brown Apple Moth x 6


Light Brown Apple Moth

Blair’s Shoulder-knot

Common Marbled Carpet x 5


Variable forms of Common Marbled Carpet

Red-green Carpet

Acleris  sparsana

Garden Rose Tortrix

Large Yellow Underwing

9/10 Wednesday, night following a showery windy day, was miserable and the only moth to enter the trap was a Red-green Carpet that had spent the day hiding in my white sheet. I haven’t bothers since but doubt this is the last trapping time this year. As the nights are getting longer I’ll try to blog any future trapping for 2013 and hopefully give it another go in 2014. However one factor effecting my decision to persevere will be the “views” the blog gets. If I only get single figure “views” I’ll return to highlights on my Hull Valley blog.


5 thoughts on “Early October 2013

  1. Great stuff Erich and I hope you continue with the blog as I for one enjoy reading your sightings. However whatever you decide I’ll as ever keep up to date with your other excellent blogs 🙂

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