September/October 2016

Autumn was very quiet. In September Garden Rose Tortrix was a year first on the 9th.


Garden Rose Tortrix-Acleris variegana

Brick was a new moth at the 12th.


Brick-Agrochola circellaris

The 24th brought year firsts Barred Sallow and Beaded Chestnut.fullsizeoutput_1960

Barred Sallow-xanthia aurago


Beaded Chestnut-Agrochola lychnidis

Finally on the 28th Blair’s Shoulder-knot, another year first.

fullsizeoutput_196cBlair’s Shoulder-knot-Lithophane leautieri hesperica  

In October the nights were mainly cold and but did warm up in the last few days and 26th brought the years first Acleris Sparsana.


Acleris Sparsana 

Juniper Carpet was a year first on the 28th.

fullsizeoutput_1a51Juniper Carpet-Thera juniperata

Lastly Feathered Thorn was a year tick on the 31st.


Feathered Thorn-Colotois pennaria

November is currently cold. May trap again if it gets milder again but otherwise this is the last post this year. Whether I continue next year I haven’t decided. From experience with my main blog insects in general don’t attract much interest. If I do I’ll try to be more current.


3 thoughts on “September/October 2016

  1. Mac says:

    For what it’s worth I follow your moth postings fairly avidly. I am very much a beginner with moths and also live in Cottingham – I have also bothered you with some IDs through twitter. Comparing your catches to my spots is always interesting. Thanks.

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